Imbert: $112m in salary grants paid for April, May and June


    A total of $112 million worth of salary relief grants has been paid for the months of April, May and June according to the Finance Minister.

    Mr Colm Imbert tweeted today that his ministry has made payments for 74,549 grants for the three-month period – 28,948 for April, 24,836 for May and 20,765 for June.

    The grant, valued at $1,500 per month for up to three months in the first instance, to persons who lost their income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Mr Imbert’s comments come amidst claims by many some citizens that they are still awaiting their grants, despite applying months ago.

    However, he said resolution of queried applications continues and notes that applications will soon be “re-invited” from recently affected sectors.