Illegal dumping site found along Todd’s Station Main Road

    Illegal Dumping Site along Todd's Station Main Road Photo Credit: Councilor Ryan Rampersad

    Councilor Ryan Rampersad is calling on citizens to stop their indiscriminate dumping of rubbish.

    This call came as he stumbled upon an illegal dumping site while driving along the Todd’s Station Main Road, yesterday morning.

    In a video post on his Facebook page, he lamented the fact that this is what they have to contend with and people complain and blame the councilors, MPs and various agencies when flooding occurs.

    While he admits that some of them don’t do what they are supposed to, he says this is because they don’t get the necessary funding.

    Mr Rampersad asks the question: “When will we learn Trinidad and Tobago? When will we learn?”

    Check out the video below: