Housing Minister warns against paying housing scammers

    (Photo Credit: Office of the Parliament)

    The Housing Minister says persons should follow the established process to acquire HDC houses, so as to not fall victim to scammers.

    This follows a recent judgement by Justice Frank Seepersad regarding a ‘money for assistance to get houses’ scheme.

    In a statement, Minister Camille Robinson-Regis warned that “paying scammers will only lead to grief”.

    She added that process for the allocation of a unit from the HDC remains the same.

    An application must first be registered with the Ministry, with the applicant to receive a reference number, username and password.

    Applications will be selected in a supervised, computerized random draw, with applicants to be contacted by the HDC for an assessment interview

    Eligible applicants will be referred to the T&T Mortgage Finance Company Ltd. for assessment and once qualified they will be advised accordingly regarding contractual arrangements and payments.