Housing Minister visits HDC projects


    Housing Minister Pennelope Beckles spent Divali day visiting several HDC developments in East Trinidad.

    At RidgeView Heights, Bon Air, she viewed the progress made at this expansive development which has a total of 384 townhouses and apartments.

    To date, 150 of the units have been completed while others are at various stages of completion.

    Meanwhile at the 60-unit townhouse community of Woodstar Villas, the HDC’s new housing design – developed in 2016 – was used.

    In Malabar and D’abadie, there are five sites with 36 single family units as part of the Small and Medium Contractors Housing Initiative.

    At the Boys Lane and Holly Betaudier Avenue SMC sites, the units are at advanced stages of construction, and are being done for individuals and families who earn under $9,000 and are unable to service a mortgage upward of $500,000.

    At Carina Gardens, Arima, 108 townhouses were completed and allocated during the period 2018-2019, while at Trestrail Lands, D’abadie, which has 852 housing solutions, a mix of townhouses, single family houses and apartments are being constructed.
    In some brief remarks, Minister Beckles said the Government’s housing policy, caters to the low income earner, the middle income earner and the young professional, who may be just starting his/her career and has more disposable income.

    She adds that site visits are critical because they allow her to view the projects and see how they connect with the policy directive of the Government.

    This tour follows a similar exercise on November 2nd, when the Minister visited HDC projects in South and North Trinidad.