Historian slams content of Government-commissioned history book

    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Education Minister Anthony Garcia at the launch of the textbook in July 2019.

    Historian Dr Rita Pemberton has criticized the contents of a Government commissioned T&T history book which is expected to be distributed to schools next term.

    A few years ago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley set up a committee to ‘rewrite’ T&T’s history.

    Speaking at the launch today, Dr Pemberton, who reviewed the book, believes the text is not student friendly, since it contains ‘tertiary level’ commentary in several chapters, and she believed the chapters themselves do not link together in a proper way for students.

    She was also critical of the book which speaks only about ‘black power’ in politics, and nothing about the oil industry on the economy.

    But the historian was even more upset about Tobago’s physical depiction on Page 8, which she believes may confuse students.

    Responding to the review Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley promised rectify the shortcomings when volume 2 is released, but hopes the text sets the tone for other projects by major Universities in T&T.

    Meanwhile Education Minister Anthony Garcia says he is not an expert in History, despite it being his first degree.

    He believes there are many different perspectives that can be taken from the topic but assures to makes improvements in volume 2.

    The text will only be available at the library in various schools, which Mr Garcia says is meant to be a reference book for research purposes.

    He says 600 copies have been printed but said there was no plan to sell the book to the public.