Hinds: Gov’t proposing six-month ban on scrap iron exportation


    Government is proposing a six-month ban on the exportation of scrap iron in a bid to address the theft of copper and other materials.

    National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds held a media conference this afternoon, following an incident in which cables and metal was stolen from WASA’s California Booster Station.

    In response, he has asked the Defence Force and Police Service to step up its patrols around public utilities installations.

    He said the theft of copper and other metals is being viewed as a National Security threat and gave some insight into the recommendations of the AG.

    During this ban, Mr Hinds said regulations will be drafted for the scrap iron industry.

    Also at the media conference, Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales weighed in on the impact thefts and vandalism have had on the utility companies.

    TSTT has spent $15 million in restoration works, while T&TEC has spent $3 million and WASA has used $4 million.

    Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob noted that some of the incidents have gone beyond just theft to include malicious damage.

    He said police will be offering a $100,000 reward to persons with information that can lead to the arrest and prosecution of those involved in such acts.

    The public can used the 555 or 800-TIPS numbers to pass on information.