Heritage pipeline spills oil into Woodland river; company starts recovery work

    Oil spilled into the Godineau River on November 18th 2020 (Photo credit: MP Dave Tancoo)

    Recovery efforts have started after Heritage Petroleum discovered that one of its pipelines was spilling oil into a river in Woodland.

    In a media release it notes that the line in the vicinity of New Cut Channel was isolated and is being clamped to start clean up.

    The company assures that all available resources are being mobilized, while a wildlife rescue, conservation and rehabilitation team was engaged.

    It says booms are being deployed along the Godineau River to restrict the oil from spreading further downstream.

    Heritage’s statement follows a release from Oropouche West MP Dave Tancoo who claims that fisherfolk have had boats damaged.

    He believes appropriate compensation should be given to those adversely affected by the spill.