Heritage: Oil seen yesterday not a new spill; cleanup continues


    Oil found yesterday at the South Oropouche River in Woodland is not a new spill according to Heritage Petroleum.

    The company, which is continuing its cleanup following initial reports of a spill on Wednesday 18th November, says the “light oil sheen” was discovered after the cutting of high grass and shrubs.

    Heritage believes other surrounding areas may possibly be similarly impacted and assures it is moving to “swiftly identify and address these areas”.

    Today’s statement comes after the area’s MP Dave Tancoo yesterday claimed that another spill took place at the river.

    Mr Tancoo also called on the company to meet with stakeholders to discuss the spill.

    Heritage claims the MP was invited to meet yesterday but the meeting was postponed on his request.

    It states the company remains open to meeting with Mr Tancoo.