Health Ministry: Couva offering more than CDAP drugs


    The Health Ministry is defending the operation of the Couva Medical and Multi-Training Facility, saying it is being used for other purposes aside from the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

    Earlier this week, former health minister Dr Fuad Khan reportedly stated that opening a CDAP pharmacy at facility was a “colossal waste.”

    The Ministry however says 53 ultrasounds, 74 mammograms, 45 fluoroscopy, 15 CT Scans and 38 MRIs have been carried out as of July 25th.

    These diagnostic imaging services are available only through referral through the Public Health System.

    It adds that these services are in addition to the walk-in CDAP Pharmacy and Patient Medication Counselling Services, which are being offered Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm.