Health Minister responds to Nicki Minaj’s “testicles” tweet


    There have been no reports so far of testicular swelling due to the COVID-19 vaccine in T&T, according to the Health Minister.

    Mr Terrence Deyalsingh was today asked about a tweet by T&T-born rapper Nicki Minaj who alleged that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad got the vaccine and “became impotent” and his testicles became swollen.

    She also urged persons to make sure they’re comfortable with their decision to be vaccinated and not to be “bullied.”

    Minister Deyalsingh said government did not respond to Minaj’s statement yesterday because it wanted to look into the claims.

    Minister Deyalsingh was also asked how Minaj’s tweet would impact vaccine hesitancy.

    He said it did not help and makes government’s job a little more difficult as persons like the rapper are “social influencers”.