Health expert confirms suicide of COVID-19 patient, other attempted suicides


    A patient with COVID-19 took their life, after being unable to cope with the diagnosis.

    This was revealed today by Professor Gerard Hutchinson, Head of Psychiatric Services at the NCRHA.

    According to him, there have also been several attempted suicides.

    A date was not given, however there was a similar death at the Arima Hospital in September – at the time it was reported as a “fall”.

    Professor Hutchinson said there were persons affected by depression and anxiety.

    In some cases, he said patients developed a confusional syndrome and brief psychotic symptoms, which were managed using a combination of medication and psychological intervention.

    Some have also struggled with being in quarantine or hospitalized and were given therapeutic support.

    Meanwhile, in addition to mental stress on patients, Professor Hutchinson also pointed to the burden on health workers, who he says are stigmatized.

    To help the situation, he says health workers have been offered group and individual sessions to help them manage the challenges.