Hakka apologizes for use of Lord Ganesh on food boxes

    This photo of Hakka's food packaging has been circulated on social media

    Hakka Restaurant, a local establishment that provides Indo-Chinese cuisine including various meat dishes, has apologized to for the use of Lord Ganesh on its food packaging which has offended members of the Hindu community.

    In a post on its Facebook page, it sought to explain the origin of the use of the image, as well as the image of Buddha, as part of its design.

    It says these were recommended by their Head Chef who came from India, adding that “the motivation behind the use of Lord Ganesh’s image was in keeping with his original intention to bring joy, wisdom and peace to our customers”.

    However, the restaurant notes that its actions, “albeit innocent and done without any malice or ill-thought, were insensitive, unthoughtful and plainly wrong”.

    It says it understands how its “unintended wrongdoing has caused irreparable harm to members of the Hindu community”.

    In its effort to address the matter, Hakka Restaurant says it is redesigning new boxes without any reference to religious symbols, and these will go into circulation by the end of next week.

    For the time being, it says white unbranded boxes will be used.

    We, at HAKKA, firmly believe in and strive in all our endeavours to promulgate and promote respect,⁣ tolerance and…

    Posted by HAKKA Restaurant & Bar on Thursday, November 26, 2020