Guanapo Landfill fire contained but smoke remains an issue

    File photo: Guanapo Landfill Fire/Smoke in January 2020

    The fire at the Guanapo Landfill has been significantly decreased, however a lot of smoke continues to engulf the surrounding areas.

    Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julien believes the smoke will affect the area for quite some time.

    She is urging persons with asthma and respiratory conditions to go to a Health Centre if they’re in any danger from the smoke, as officials are ready to treat with such patients.

    Residents have reported decreased visibility in some areas as well as the distinct smell of smoke in areas where the smoke is not visible.

    A number of persons have also indicated that the conditions have resulted in irritation to eyes and throats.

    Some schools in affected areas, including Holy Cross College, had to suspend classes earlier today.

    Meanwhile, officials from the Fire Services, SWMCOL and others are currently on the site coordinating the efforts to contain the fire at the dump.

    Arima MP Anthony Garcia is assuring residents near the landfill that all is being done to help the situation as quickly as possible.

    The Guanapo Landfill remains closed users are being advised to use the Beetham or Forres Park Landfill sites in the time being.