Griffith: TTPS to probe Queen’s Hall event; calls it a “public party”

    (File photo)

    A probe will be launched into an event at Queen’s Hall on Sunday night which the TTPS has deemed a public party.

    In a media release, Mr Gary Griffith reminds that hosting public parties or fetes is an offence under the public health regulations.

    He says video footage of the event shows patrons dancing to the music of several artistes.

    Meanwhile, he notes that, while the Tourism Ministry has indicated that Queen’s Hall, Naparima Bowl, NAPA and SAPA are open for business, he intends to meet the with the managers of the facilities to explained that, in the case of Queen’s Hall, there was a breach.

    Turning his attention to beaches, Mr Griffith says the beaches are overcrowded on weekends and warns that if they become unmanageable, the TTPS can disperse the crowds.