Griffith: No reports of heightened shooting incidents in East Dry River


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has refuted claims that there have been heightened shooting incidents in Piccadilly, also known as East Dry River.

    The statement comes after the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) sent out an advisory to its members urging them to avoid the area, which is used to leave the capital city.

    However, Mr Griffith says there have been no reports of open gun battles in the Piccadilly area.

    He says the TTPS is aware that the area has had incidents in the recent past, but confirms that intelligence agencies have not received any reports or video footage as claimed by DOMA.

    In light of this, the TTPS is asking citizens to take heed of advisories issues by the relevant authorities on law enforcement such as the National Security Ministry and the Police Service.

    The Commissioner assures that the TTPS has been intensifying patrols to prevent and manage situations of criminal activity.

    He believes DOMA should have communicated with the TTPS before issuing such as advisory, since this has caused ‘undue anxiety and stress’ among the population.