Green Fund Contributes TT$34m to WASA’s Adopt a River Programme


    The Green Fund has contributed TT$34 million to WASA’s Adopt a River Programme (AARP).

    The initiative was originally launched by WASA in 2012 with the aim of monitoring and addressing water pollution in rivers.

    WASA says stewardship of T&T’s watersheds and rivers has been poor due to unplanned growth, poor land-use practices and widespread pollution.

    The objectives of the expansion of the AARP include building partnerships among all stakeholders in the adoption of watersheds, establishing Community Water Warriors, and a general public outreach on water management.

    Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis says the Green Fund’s support of the programme is timely, as water security is a major global concern.

    She adds that conserving and revitalising water sources are critical factors in restoring the earth.