Greater urgency needed to pass sexual harassment laws


    A greater sense of urgency is needed with regard to local laws against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

    Towards the end of 2018, four students of the Human Rights Law Clinic of the Hugh Wooding Law School compiled a handbook based on local policies from the Equal Opportunities Commission and Labour Ministry.

    Ansar Mohammed, Casiana Sankar, Rachel Weekes and Sara Martinez tried to make the information in the policies more “digestible” by breaking down definitions, and laying out processes and options.

    The policies are supposed to be a precursor to actual legislation; however Mr Mohammed says there seems to be no real sense of urgency for the cause.

    Until that legislation is in place though, Mr Mohammed believes the policies can offer some assistance.

    Most notably though, the Handbook emphasized an often overlooked fact: that men can also fall victim to sexual harassment.

    This is a problem that Mr Mohammed and his colleagues feel should be discussed.


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