Grants for micro & small enterprises impacted by COVID-19


    A grant is now available for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) impacted by COVID-19.

    Today, the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited announced the launch of the Entrepreneurial Relief Grant.

    A collaboration with the Finance Ministry, it is available to businesses that earn less than TT $1,000,000 in annual revenues.

    NEDCO says affected MSEs can access up to TT $20,000 in grant funding to help cover business-related expenses such as salaries, rent, stock and other working capital.

    Applicants must meet certain criteria to qualify:

    • Business owners must be a citizen or legal resident of Trinidad and Tobago and be 18 years and over
    • Applicants must have an existing business to apply
    • Unregistered businesses can apply, but applicants must register their company before funds are disbursed
    • The business must earn less than TT $1 million in annual income
    • Any type of legal business can apply, including sole traders
    • Applicants who received other COVID-19 relief benefits are not eligible for the Entrepreneurial Relief Grant
    • Applicants with pending or current criminal court proceedings against them will not be eligible

    The following documents must also be submitted to apply for the Entrepreneurial Relief Grant:

    • Personal Documents

    1. Two forms of valid Trinidad and Tobago identification;
    2. Personal Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) number.

    • Business Documents

    1. Certificate of Registration and/or proof of assignment of a business Board of Inland Revenue number
    2. Proof of business operations
    3. Proof of address.