Govt announces plans to repatriate more people


    From November 15th 2020, several measures will be put in place in an attempt to increase repatriation.

    According to National Security Minister Stuart Young, there are 5,838 applications for exemption outstanding and more and more persons attempt to return to T&T.

    He says, in a bid to ramp up the process, the following will take effect:

    • Persons are still required to get an exemption to enter or exit T&T.
      Persons entering T&T will be required to have a negative PCR test, 72 hours before arrival.
    • On arrival, persons will be placed in a seven-day state or state supervised quarantine (the latter being paid for by the repatriated individual).
    • Persons will be tested again on the 6th day of being in T&T. If they test negative again, they will be discharged and allowed to go home.
    • In a bid to increase the number of quarantine space, Kapok Hotel has signed on as a state-supervised quarantine facility, providing 100 more rooms.
    • Kapok joins Chancellor, Regent Star and Cascadia Hotels as state-supervised quarantine facilities.
    • Government will be asking as many persons as possible to pay for their seven days of quarantine at one of these facilities, on arrival in T&T.

    Both Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Minister Young remind that not everyone who attempts to return home for the holiday season will be able to.

    Dr Rowley says T&T does not have the “health cover”.