Gary Griffith stands by “One Shot, One Kill”

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is standing by his statement of “one shot, one kill.”

    It comes in the wake of a newspaper article, which said the policy may have been influenced by the Top Cop’s military background.

    Mr Griffith questioned the motive behind the headline, and instead issued a response stating that he does not intend to change his stance on the matter.

    He reiterated his support for officers who use lethal force against persons who shoot or aim at them with a gun.

    The Top Cop also revealed that police officers are all given regular training on ranges with marked targets, for head and chest shots.

    He stood by this, saying poor marksmanship will lead to the firing dozens of aimless shots which can possibly injure bystanders.

    As such, he says the policy is to ensure that “whenever officers shoot, it is to neutralize the felon.”