Gary alarmed at lack of concern for shots at police


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says police shootings this year have amounted to 55 however he is alarmed about the lack of concern as it pertains to Police Officers being shot at.

    He says at almost every police shooting, there have been shots fired at officers prior to them returning fire to protect their lives and officers have been hit, injured, and police vehicles riddled with shots.

    The top cop says there have been 130 incidents this year of police being shot at, 35 more than last year, amounting to an officer being shot at every three days in 2020.

    Commissioner Griffith says noted that criminals have the type of weapons used in war and therefore police are engaged in a virtual war with criminals.

    Yet, he adds, some seem disturbed when there are casualties of war, when Police shoot to defend themselves by those who try to kill them.

    He says though he cannot state that every police shooting was justified and they will all be thoroughly investigated.