Gandhi’s ashes stolen on 150th birthday


    Thieves stole some of Mahatma Gandhi’s remains on what would have been his 150th birthday.

    According to the BBC, the ashes were taken from a memorial in central India, where they had been kept since 1948 – the year of Gandhi’s assassination by a Hindu extremist.

    The thieves are also said to have written the word “traitor” in green paint across photographs of him.

    Despite Gandhi being a devout Hindu, some Hindu hardliners see him as a traitor for his advocacy of Hindu-Muslim unity.

    Police say they are investigating the theft on the grounds of actions “prejudicial to national integration” and potential breach of the peace.

    Gandhi led a non-violent resistance movement against British colonial rule in India, and remains a popular figure around the world.

    He was assassinated by a Hindu extremist in January 1948.