Fyzabad MP weighs in on gauze issue

    Fyzabad MP, Dr. Lackram Bodoe.

    Despite assurances from the SWRHA that there is no shortage of gauze and other supplies at its facilities, persons have continued to complain about having to buy certain items.

    These claims are being posted to social media, and have been noted by Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe.

    In a statement, he says such items are usually procured under a budget line item called ‘Drugs and Supplies’ which he claims has been cut significantly since 2018.

    He adds that an explanation given to the Parliament recently was that the difference would have been supplemented via a loan to NIPDEC.

    Dr Bodoe questioned whether the shortage of supplies is due to lack of funding, or whether there are shortcomings in the internal supply chain system within the Health Ministry and the RHAs.

    He adds that this is just one of many issues facing the local healthcare system, as he called on the Minister to do more to address the long waiting lists created by the postponement of non-urgent surgeries during the pandemic.