Former non-permanent Petrotrin workers to get back-pay by January 15th


    Former non-permanent Petrotrin workers will get their back-pay by January 15th.

    A statement issued today under a company letterhead says calculations for the temporary and casual workers are about 75% complete.

    2,069 former non-permanent workers are owed back-pay for the seven-year period 2011 to 2018.

    The company says the process for determining the amounts owed to each worker requires a considerable amount of detailed work, as in any one year, an individual may have worked in different jobs for different periods of time at different salaries/wages.

    As such, it says each individual case has to be researched thoroughly and calculated independently.

    The company says it expects to be in a position to make payments on or before January 15 2019, and is committed to ensuring that each eligible worker receives the monies due to them.