Former Minister calls on citizens to accept “whatever COVID-19 vaccine is available”


    A former UNC Minister is calling on citizens to use whatever COVID-19 vaccine is being accepted at this time.

    Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, who also previously held the portfolio of Caroni East MP, believes vaccines will reduce the chances of severe disease, hospitalization or death.

    He says whether it is AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson or Sinopharm, the jabs will provide safety – some of about 90-92% and others of up to 75%.

    Dr Gopeesingh also believes there is a crucial need for the Health Ministry to increase COVID-19 vaccination centres and properly equip them with enough staff and necessary medical supplies.

    Lastly, the former Minister is endorsing the call for government to meet with the Opposition for a bipartisan approach to the pandemic.