Flooding receding in South Trinidad


    The Riverine Flood Alert issued by the T&T Met Service continues until 2pm on Sunday, after being extended for 24 hours due to the extensive flooding, especially in South Trinidad.

    Areas from Barrackpore, Penal, Woodland, Fyzabad and surrounding areas were inundated with water even up to late last night, even though low tide brought some improvement to the water levels.

    Data from the Water Resources Agency shows that river levels in most areas are decreasing, and are below threshold levels.

    The Met Service says conditions will gradually improve in all areas as no significant amount of rainfall is in the forecast for the next 12 – 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, the devastation in the areas mentioned left many villagers trapped inside their homes, while others had to seek refuge in a neighbor’s home due to the height of the water.

    Many took to social media to call for help, as they believe they have been forgotten by those in authority, even after two to three days of flooding.

    There were tractors and trucks, though entering villages to help evacuate some families.

    And like last month’s flooding in North Trinidad, many persons lost most of their belongings, and for farmers, their crops and livestock.

    Works Minister Rohan Sinanan visited some of the affected areas yesterday, stating that most of the rivers in South would have been dredged.

    However, he says they are now planning to raise the banks of the rivers, as the weather pattern changes now brings a lot more rainfall in the wet season.

    This, he said, would contain the water to try to minimize the flooding, but he added that its almost impossible to stop the flooding in these low-lying areas.

    Meanwhile, Opposition MP Dr. Suruj Rambachan believes the responsiveness of the Government to the plight of persons flooded in their homes in South Trinidad is not only disappointing but an act of negligence.

    He says it is clear that the systems are either not in place or have fallen down, adding that he hopes this is not a case of political spite.

    Dr. Rambachan says this is perhaps the only prosperous country which asks its Regional Corporations be first responders but are not provided with the resources.