Fisherman charged with 2 murders

    (Photo via Ravi Ratiram on Facebook)

    A fisherman from Fullerton, Cedros has been charged with the murders of 42-year-old Parasram Boodoo and 37-year-old Navindra Garib.

    Mr. Boodoo and Mr. Garib failed to return home after going out to sea on July 19th.

    Mr. Boodoo’s body was found in the waters off the PLIPDECO Port in Point Lisas on July 21st, while Mr. Garib’s body was found on July 23rd at La Brea.

    The 37-year-old accused was arrested on July 20th, after police recovered a pirogue and boat engine.

    He was charged following advice today from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Joan Honore-Paul.

    He is expected to appear before a Couva Magistrate tomorrow.