Fire Service justifies move to shut doors at overcrowded fetes


    The T&T Fire Service says it will continue to put the safety of the public first, following its decision to close the gates at recent fetes, where there were more patrons than what the promoters were licensed for.

    The TTFS says there are policies to guide promoters in the hosting of their events, to ensure the public’s safety is not compromised.

    And, when promoters are granted a license by the court, it says they are bound by law to adhere to these set standards.

    Recently at some events, it says there had been blatant disregard to the license’s provisions, especially regarding the capacity submitted by the promoter to the Magistrate.

    The Fire Service says this directly affects the Fire and Life Safety Coverage provided, since the capacity of the venue determines how many officers are deployed and how effectively the can work, in the event of any untoward occurrence.

    It adds that it will continue to put the safety of the public first.