Fire officials extinguish NP blaze


    An explosion and fire that took place at National Petroleum in Port of Spain came during a routine repair exercise.

    The company posted a media release to its website this afternoon and confirmed that the incident occurred around 12:54pm today.

    It stated that the explosion came as a contractor was extracting residual product from a storage tank at the southern side of the tank farm area.

    NP also confirmed that there are no casualties but that two persons who were affected by the blast were hospitalized to receive emergency care.

    The blaze was contained around 1:30pm and NP assures that its operations remain unaffected and there will be a continuous supply of fuel.

    Police diverted traffic on the highway and the west bound lane of the Priority Bus Route was temporarily opened until 7pm on Friday December 11th 2020.

    The highway has since been reopened.