UPDATED: FFOS: Two Carli Bay fishermen escape attack out at sea

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    [The story is updated in the last line]

    Two Carli Bay fishermen escaped harm early on Wednesday while fishing in the Gulf of Paria, just two weeks after the mass murder of several others.

    That’s according to Fishermen and Friends of the Sea Secretary Gary Aboud, who says around 3am, the fishermen “were attacked by a strange vessel”.

    He says they were able to quickly cut and abandon their nets and sped full throttle towards land.

    Mr. Aboud says the fishermen were chased for awhile but were able to get on shore safely.

    And, he says after sunrise, the men went back out to sea to retrieve their nets.

    FFOS is again calling on the Coast Guard to establish several permanent marine bases with shallow hull vessels that can function in inshore areas in remote areas to respond to any reports of piracy.

    UPDATE: One report indicated that later in the day, the fishermen learnt that the approaching vessel was not pirates, as they assumed.

    The Trinidad Guardian reported that the fish­er­men ply­ing their trade in the Gulf of Paria have be­come so afraid for their lives since five of their col­leagues were mur­dered at sea that they are tak­ing no chances when it comes to pi­rates.