FFOS suggests two approaches to Nabarima “environmental emergency”


    Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, Corporate Secretary, Gary Aboud, warns that temporary relief is not enough for the FSO Nabarima.

    In a media release, he claims that there are unconfirmed reports about the temporary stability of the vessel which has oil stored onboard.

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    However, Mr Aboud says this is insufficient and is requesting that two approaches be taken to deal with what he calls an environmental emergency.

    He believes an independent team should be set up to verify the vessel’s status and to propose a method of safely removing the oil.

    Mr Aboud also wants a unified Latin America/CARICOM effort to develop and implement a regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan for future situations.

    He says spills are inevitable due to increased oil exploration and extraction in areas such as Guyana, Barbados and Bahamas.