FFOS: Illegal jetty being built in Claxton Bay; mangrove being trimmed


    FFOS Secretary Gary Aboud says he has received reports of an illegal jetty being built just north of Claxton Bay, behind Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd.

    He claims to have evidence that mangrove trees are being trimmed to clear the way, and built wooden platforms are being assembled on-site to form the coastal structure.

    Mr Aboud says he has spoken to residents in the area who claim that this activity has been taking place for the past week.

    He has since made an official complaint to the EMA.

    According to him, the establishment of a jetty has been listed as ‘Designated Activity’ and can only be done after someone has applied for and received a Certificate of Environmental Clearance.

    But he says there is no exception for the trimming or cutting down of mangroves.

    Mr Aboud believes construction is being carried out by owners of ‘party boats’ in the area.