Father and son charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year old


    A 57 year old man and his 29 year old son, both of North Trinidad, have been jointly charged with a series of sexual offences against a female minor.

    According to the TTPS, a report was made by a 14-year-old girl that she was assaulted by two men known to her.

    In the first case, the girl said her next door neighbour would come over to her home to assist her bedridden relative.

    During that time, the 57-year-old man would sexually assault her.

    The girl eventually confided to her friend’s mother about the alleged acts and a report was subsequently made to police.

    Investigations revealed that the girl was made to endure three years of abuse.

    Police arrested the man who was later charged with two counts of sexual penetration of a minor and two counts of sexual touching of a minor.

    Meanwhile, police also discovered that the man’s son was allegedly assaulting the girl.

    Police learnt that whenever the child stayed away from school, the next door neighbour would invite her to come over to his home.

    During that time, he would sexually assault her.

    This occurred over a one-year period.

    The 29 year old was charged with ten counts of sexual penetration of a minor.