WATCH: trailer for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always”

(Image Credit: Netflix)

The Power Rangers are back!

Netflix has reunited the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” cast for a 30th anniversary special.

It’s called “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always” and it will premiere on the streaming site on April 19th.

The Netflix special features many of original heroes, including the first Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, the first Black Ranger Zack Taylor, the second Pink Ranger, the second Red Ranger; the second Yellow Ranger; and the second Black Ranger.

Barbara Goodson returns to voice the villain Rita Repulsa.

In the special, the Rangers reunite to fight Rita who is revealed to have killed Trini, the original Yellow Power Ranger.

The actress who played Trini, Thuy Trang, was killed in a car accident in 2001.

Another notable absence is Jason David Frank who played the original Green Ranger and White Ranger – he died in November 2022.

Check out the trailer: