“Venom 2” to start filming in November?


There are reports that “Venom 2” may start filming in late November.

While “Venom” received mixed reviews at best upon its release last year, the film performed incredibly well at the box office, breaking an all-time opening weekend record in October.

Given that financial success, a sequel seemed inevitable and in June, it was confirmed that “Venom 2” was moving forward.

Very little is known about the film right now, aside from reports that Tom Hardy was returning as Venom, along with Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Woody Harrelson as Carnage.

Some reports suggest that Andy Serkis is set to direct and now it looks like the film may start filming sooner rather than later.

And many will be anxious to see if Sony decides to work Tom Holland’s Spiderman into this or any other movie involving Hardy’s Venom.

We know that Spidey can’t be used in the MCU right now so Sony is on its own moving forward with the character.