US teen first to 100m subscribers on Tik Tok

(Photo via Film Daily)

A 16-year-old girl has become the first TikTok user to cross the 100 million subscriber mark.

According to the BBC, Charli D’Amelio from Connecticut, USA hit the milestone after a year and a half on the app.

This however comes days after a controversy over her behaviour in a YouTube video which saw backlash on the platform.

In the first episode of her family’s reality series, “Dinner with the D’Amelios”, fans claimed the star acted disrespectfully toward the personal chef who prepared their dinner.

More than 600,000 fans quickly unfollowed her in protest, however the controversy seemed to die down after she shared a video in which she apologised for her actions, and promised to do better.

The teen started out as many did on TikTok – sharing videos of herself dancing in her bedroom.