Trini accent stars in latest episode of US TV show “Atlanta”

(Photo credit: Atlanta on Facebook)

A scene from US TV series “Atlanta” is circulating on social media for its use of the Trinbagonian accent in the show.

Twitter user Chris Russell shared a clip from the series which was created and produced by Donald Glover who also plays a starring role.

In fact, the entire episode – which was the show’s latest to air on April 28th 2022 – is titled “Trini 2 De Bone”.

It also features the song of the same named by T&T calypsonian David Rudder.

The IMDb synopsis of the episode says, “After the death of their nanny, Sylvia, a family is introduced to a different cultural experience in saying goodbye at her funeral.”

In the clip of the episode, Sylvia’s daughter Khadija (played by T&T-born Khadija Speer) and Sebastian (played by Indy Sullivan Groudis) are heard using several local phrases including “Cockroach has no place at fowl party” and “Is better belly buss, than good food waste.”

Check out the clip below.