Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” is out


Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” has dropped!

Lover features 18 tracks, more than any of Swift’s six previous albums, and includes “You Need to Calm Down” which sits at #18 on the Billboard Top 100.

Another charting song in the album is “ME!” which features Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco.

The album has been keenly anticipated – Variety reports that the album sold nearly a million copies before it was released.

They quoted Monte Lipman, the Founder and Chairman of Republic Records – Lover is Swift’s first album with the label.


  1. I Forgot That You Existed
  2. Cruel Summer
  3. Lover
  4. The Man
  5. The Archer
  6. I Think He Knows
  7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
  8. Paper Rings
  9. Cornelia Street
  10. Death By A Thousand Cuts
  11. London Boy
  12. Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)
  13. False God
  14. You Need To Calm Down
  15. Afterglow
  16. ME! (feat. Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco)
  17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend
  18. Daylight