Taylor Swift shares ‘sneak peek’ of new re-recordings

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift has given fans a ‘sneak peek’ of one of her upcoming re-recorded tracks.

She shared a clip of the song being featured on a dating app advert created by her friend, actor Ryan Reynolds.

Swift is currently re-recording her first six albums, after the rights were sold by music mogul Scooter Braun.

Writing on Twitter at that time, the singer said it was the second time her music had been sold without her knowledge.

As the co-writer of the albums in question, Swift still retains publishing rights.

However, since losing control of the ownership of the masters, she has refused to allow any of the songs to be licences for commercial use, since some of the money would go to Braun.

The new versions will be 100% owned by her, and she can therefore use them in any way she sees fit.

On Wednesday she shared a clip of a new version of the 2008 hit song “Love Story”.

She added that while the “new re-records are not done”, she is “working hard” to get them out soon.