Stinging criticism for Nicki Minaj tweet

(Image via Nicki Minaj on Instagram)

Rapper Nicki Minaj has come in for stinging criticism over a tweet in which she claimed that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad developed swollen testicles after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

The whole matter seems to have taken on a life of its own, with everyone from Dr Anthony Fauci to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, commenting.

It all started with a simple tweet in which Minaj explained why she wasn’t attending the MET Gala held on Monday:

After some interaction with persons on Twitter, she soon followed up with the now infamous tweet:

Many have since criticized her for sharing disinformation to her 22.6 million followers on the platform.

Minaj herself has since lashed out at some of the coverage of the tweet, accusing persons of labeling her an anti-vaxxer, despite statements to the contrary.

According to BBC News, Minaj and her tweet were mentioned during a briefing by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty.

When asked about people spreading misinformation online, Professor Whitty reportedly said the rapper “should be ashamed” adding that “There are a number of myths that fly around. Some of which are just clearly ridiculous and some of which are clearly designed just to scare. That happens to be one of them. That is untrue.”

Mr Johnson meanwhile said he would rather get information on COVID-19 from NHS England’s medical director of primary care, Dr Nikki Kanani, than from Nicki Minaj.

Minaj took note of both and responded on Twitter:

Dr Fauci also dismissed the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine causing swollen testicles.

When asked about the claim on CNN, he said there’s no evidence the vaccines cause reproductive issues, “nor is there any mechanistic reason to imagine that it would happen”.

He also said while Minaj may not have intended to repeat questionable claims, she “should be thinking twice.”