Saif Ali Khan explains why he isn’t on social media

(Saif Ali Khan during a 2019 interview with Midday India)

Saif Ali Khan says the trouble of managing a social media account is what demotivates him from having any.

During a recent interview, the actor admits to taking and posing for quite a few photos in general.

He loves to capture and record moments, but doesn’t like how it can be when it comes to sharing with the world.

During a recent interview with CNBC-TV18 he reportedly said: “I could share but people say don’t share this, don’t share that. I will have to talk to some manager to manage my account before I… (post it). They say this is too politically incorrect. So there is no point, it just becomes too dishonest. Then I will have a 100,000 people saying – can you post this and do that. I don’t want to get trapped in that.”

Saif however, was pretty frank in saying what may tempt him to do the whole social media thing… money.

He was referring to this in the context of generating revenue using social media.