Proman Starlift steelband remasters Sparrow tune for Panorama

The Mighty Sparrow and Dante Pantin, Musical Director of Proman Starlift Steel Orchestra during the recording session for the newly remastered classic Witch Doctor featuring Proman Starlift.

For Panorama 2023, Proman Starlift Steel Orchestra has partnered with the Mighty Sparrow to use a remastered version of his song “Witch Doctor”.

According to the orchestra, it is celebrating the legendary calypsonian with whose songs Starlift won two of its three Panorama titles in 1971 and 1978.

Proman Starlift’s Musical Director Danté Pantin spearheaded a remix of the song with new vocals by Sparrow himself, recorded by Pantin at Sparrow’s New York residence.

Dante Pantin, Musical Director of Proman Starlift Steel Orchestra interacts with a member of the band during Panorama practice in January 2023

The track is engineered by Andrew Denny and produced by Lunatix, and features live instruments, including members of Proman Starlift.

The Panorama Medium and Large Bands semi-finals will be held on February 5th at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah.

Starlift Steel Orchestra was formed in 1956 and the stalwart band from Woodbrook continues to be a hub of community development.