Pakistani movie receives standing ovation at Cannes


“Joyland” – a film from Pakistan – has received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to reports, it is the first Pakistani film to be screened at Cannes, and has been selected for the Un Certain Regard category.

There have also been positive reviews from critics, who have described the movie as being “daring”.

“Joyland” is the story of a soft-spoken married man who falls for a transgender woman.

This causes tension between the conventional image his family wants for him and the freedom he discovers in living a life of his choosing.

The movie is directed by Saim Sadiq and stars Rasti Farooq, Ali Junejo, Alina Khan and Sarwat Gilani.

The following is a review from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Joyland is a family saga, one that Sadiq uses to observe how gender norms constrict, and then asphyxiate, individuals. The Ranas feel trapped — by respectability, by family, by vague notions of honour. Bound by their duty to roles they quietly question, the members of this clan slowly suffer under the weight of obligation and expectations. What happens to them — individually and collectively — is a process that Sadiq’s film chronicles with aching consideration. As Joyland heads toward its end, the film grows increasingly moving. Secrets and their attendant lies collapse under pressure. The weight of what’s left unsaid strangles interactions. The Ranas can no longer afford to be delusional — their survival depends on it.”