Neval Chatelal’s ‘Notes To Self’ Concert at SAPA!


The long-anticipated concert featuring multiple award winning vocalist Neval Chatelal is finally here.

The event is called ‘Notes-to-Self’ and it dares to take the audience through uncharted territory, with an innovative approach.

Neval has been chronicling his innermost thoughts and feelings and in this candid presentation, the audience can look forward to his regular antics while also learning more his deeper personality through song, music, prose, art and dance.

Neval is well known for his versatility as an artiste and his musical journey has always been guided by a deep and profound spirituality and passion for local culture.

And this is how his much anticipated concert was artfully described:

“He will be performing the songs upon which he was built, together with the songs that destroyed, changed and informed his perception of the reality: the eternal ebb and flow, the rise and fall, the inhale and the exhale, the breath of life, the sound of music.

The compositions and arrangements pieced together will tell a story. The story of an artist in search of #love, #light, #hope and #harmony of our #peoples and #cultures. The story of an artist in search of #SELF!!!

Each note, hand written or soul sung, is a representation of a step towards self-actualization, self-knowledge and self-realization. From the mundane to the absolute profound, all thoughts, all musics, all notes, all sounds, end in silence, the canvas upon which the entire creation manifests.”

The event will also feature a number of special guest artistes. “Notes To Self” happens on November 16th at SAPA in San Fernando.

103.1FM is the Official Station for this event!

Tickets are #NowAvailable at the following locations and #Online at

Khemlani’s Souvenir Shop
68 Independence Square, POS
868 623 4518

The Little Store Ltd.
Lower Rapsey Street, Curepe
868 663 7852

Accessory Fusion
Shop #9, Building K, Grand Bazzar
868 645 7000

Nancy’s Pharmacy Limited
47 Rodney Road, Endeavour
868 270 6627

Passage to Asia
7 Yves Street, Chaguanas
868 672 2701

Bhagan’s Drugs
Price Plaza, Chaguanas
868 672 9514

Jack’s Pharm
Southern Main Road, Couva
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Jack’s Pharm
154 Point-a-Pierre Road, Vistabella
868 610 4562

Trini Treasures
Ground Floor, Gulf City Mall
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Bhagan’s Drugs
South Park, San Fernando
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