National Geographic Traveler to feature ‘unique’ Tobago

The National Geographic Team captures Argyle Waterfall on video

UK’s National Geographic Traveler returned to Tobago to capture footage of the island’s unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered product that will be featured on their print and digital platforms.

The first phase in May included the coverage of various cultural and coastal elements, including harvest celebrations in Belle Garden, traditional dirt-oven baking in Castara, picturesque beaches, and the diverse marine life.

Phase two took place on July 24th and 25th, with focus on Tobago’s eco-adventure offerings, from hiking and birdwatching in the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, turtle watching on Turtle Beach, bioluminescence tours in the Bon Accord Lagoon, and a sampling of the island’s many waterfalls.

Cinematographer Mr. Max Smith, said: “Tobago is unique in that it feels relatively untouched by the rest of the world. There is an authenticity to it which other destinations lack. This makes it an incredible place to explore and an important place to protect so that future generations can enjoy its natural beauty just as much as we have… There is obviously a very strong community at the heart of life in Tobago. It feels like home away from home, and the natural beauty is like nothing I’ve seen before.”

The Tobago Tourism Agency engaged one of Tobago’s highly respected bird experts and ecologists Mr. William Trim, to lead the production team through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve and to the Argyle, Parlatuvier and Castara Waterfalls, utilizing his expertise to spot and identify some of the 220 species of birds found in Tobago.

Mr. Trim was also one of the locals interviewed by the production team, as this marketing initiative will highlight Tobago’s people as well as its nature, culture, and multiple opportunities for adventure.

The resulting content from this marketing project will be a sequence of five (5) articles revolving around Tobago’s unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered appeal, as well as a content hub on National Geographic Traveller website featuring photos and videos highlighting the island’s unique product offerings.

The visual and written content will also be utilized by the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited for marketing activities in source markets, providing persuasive, inspirational content aimed at increasing visitor arrivals to the island.

The Nat Geo team capture local wildlife on Gilpin Trail in Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve.
Director/Producer Thomas Winward (right) interviews local guide William Trim on Spring Trail in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve