Nailah Blackman releases debut EP – The Reel

(Photo credit: Rai Ricomas)

Nailah Blackman has released her first EP, titled The Reel.

In an Instagram post, the T&T artiste says the project has been close to her heart, as fans get to see “7 different sides of me.”

The “Sokah” singer also delved into the name of the EP saying, “I call it the Reel because I love story telling, I have so many different (sic) to me and I wanna be that Caribbean artist to take the world by storm, I want the lead role… I am an actress and this is the real me. This is The Reel Nailah Blackman.”

She says she wants to be one of the trailblazers for Caribbean artistes who can take their music to the highest levels internationally.

Nailah insists, “We have so much talent right here amongst ourselves and it’s not only for us to hear. It’s for the World. And that’s why this project means so much to me.”

The album, while still has at its core the Nailah Blackman sound her fans have become accustomed to, it a more diverse vibe permeates.

Along with the sweet Caribbean sound of “Sweet & Loco”, the 7-track EP also incorporates elements of pop, R&B, rock, Latin and hip hop.


  1. Enough
  2. Kills
  3. Break It Down (feat. Trinidad James)
  4. Sweet & Loco
  5. Boujee
  6. Lost
  7. No Barbie

The album is out on all platforms here!