Machel Montano biography to be launched


The life and times of soca superstar Machel Montano will be detailed in a new biography, penned by his mother Elizabeth ‘Lady’ Montano.

The book, King of Soca, the ultimate insider reveals how Machel became one of the world’s most popular artistes, including the star himself.

As a nod to Lady Montano’s own efforts to create and preserve an extensive archive documenting Machel’s entire career, the launch will also see the archive’s curator Dr Kwynn Johnson trace the soca king’s 40-year journey through a range of select material.

The 308-page book is organised in distinct eras:
1.The Early Years
2.The Winer Boi period
3.The H.D. period
4.The Current period – Monk Monte,
5. Beyond 40.

It contains images capturing people, moments and events, as well as anecdotes of experiences and opportunities in Machel’s career.

Lady’s ability to speak with conviction on delicate matters is testament to her unparalleled perspective as ‘The Ultimate Insider’, straddling, for a long time, the often-conflicting roles of mother, manager, confidante. “I’m extremely excited and sometimes I wonder how it will be received. I have never done this before”, she says about her debut book. Not taking herself too seriously, she continues, “It feels like I’m about to face the crowd at Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park. I could see their faces waiting in anticipation, and I shudder, and then I laugh and the imagery disappears for a while.”

On the book itself she says, “The look and format of the book were intentionally chosen. I see the use of images and colour as part of our story, our culture. And for me, this book is a cultural record.” In the end, she is clear, “I understand that my way of doing both the book and the launch may not conform to the norm, but I’m not one who believes in doing the done thing for the sake of it. And this is also what I’ve taught my children.”

The book will be available for sale on the website at a cost of TT$500