Lost Tribe starts campaign on “inclusivity” at Carnival

(Photo credit: The Lost Tribe)

Mas band The Lost Tribe is taking the lead on the conversation around inclusivity at Carnival time.

Today it unveiled a campaign called #MYCarnival which gives masqueraders a space to talk about how the festival makes them feel “confident, beautiful and accepted, regardless of their differences”.

The band wants persons to go over to Instagram and share their stories of how Carnival makes them feel empowered while tagging “LostTribeCarnival” and adding the hash-tag #MYCarnival.

“People step out and put on a show regardless of body type” – Lost Tribe Creative Director Valmiki Maharaj (Photo credit: The Lost Tribe)

Lost Tribe’s Creative Director, Valmiki Maharaj, says being able to go out and put on a show for two days, regardless of body type or skin colour, helps people break free from their insecurities.

This year, the band was one of the only ones to feature a plus-sized model for the launch of its presentation “Taj”.