Legal challenge for Sanjay Dutt’s upcoming film project


Sanjay Dutt was hoping to spend his 60th birthday tomorrow (Juy 29th) unveiling the first look of his proposed remake of the 2010 Telugu political drama “Prasthanam”.

Now, he has to find something else to do.

According to reports, a leading production-distribution company called Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd has issued a legal notice to Sanjay Dutt regarding their right to remake the film.

The company claims to have acquired the rights to film in 2012, adding that Dutt was made aware of this in the past.

However it says the legal notice is not to cause trouble, but to sort the matter out.

The company’s Senior Vice-President for Film Production Ketan Maru says producers are known to sell remake rights of one film to 2 or sometimes 3 producers.

So, he acknowledges the possibility that Dutt and Co may have also bought the rights for “Prasthanam” without knowing that this had also been sold to others.