Lady Gaga confirms involvement in “Joker 2”

(Photo credit: Lady Gaga on Instagram)

Lady Gaga has confirmed her involvement in the “Joker” sequel called “Folie A Deux.”

In an Instagram post, the singer and actress shared a teaser trailer with her name and that of Joaquin Phoenix who plays the title character.

Her post also included a release date of October 4th 2022.

There was no confirmation of who Gaga would play however it has been widely reported that she was in the running for the role of Harley Quinn.

The phrase “folie a deux” is defined as an identical or similar mental disorder affecting two or more individuals, usually the members of a close family.

Variety magazine believes this could point towards Gaga’s role as Quinn.

2019’s “Joker” was critically acclaimed and won several awards including the Oscars for Best Actor and Best Original Score and the BAFTA equivalents.